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Ayurvedic Practitioner
Drury , Barbara
km 1459.5 Alaska Highway west of Whitehorse
Phone: 867 668-1045

Email: strangerintheland@hotmail.com
Website: www.frog-mountain.com

Description of Services:
Ayurvedic therapies including marma point massage, Indian head massage, Lifestyle and Dietary Counselling, Nutritional Counselling, beginners yoga instruction, sauna, colon hydrotherapy, Astrology readings, cleansing retreats & workshops

Also Visit www.chtyukon.com

Astrology ,Colon Hydrotherapy ,Massage ,Nutritional Consultation ,Yoga ,Ayurvedic practitioner
Alpine Meadow Wellness Centre
Hanson , Elaine
#3 404 Hanson Street
Phone: 867-667-6067

Email: elaine@alpineayurveda.com
Website: www.alpineayurveda.com

Description of Services:
Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle consultation; Massage therapy; Indian head massage, Shirodhara; Pinda Sweda massage; Lymphatic massage; Colon hydrotherapy; Cleansing & Wellness retreats; Educational courses and workshops

Colon Hydrotherapy ,Massage ,Nutritional Consultation ,Ayurvedic practitioner
Wise Bodies Holistic Health
Belisle , Katherine. RHN CMI Holistic Nutritionist and Medical Intuitive

Phone: 867-393-3695

Email: info@wise-bodies.com

Description of Services:
Restore digestive health and identify hidden physical, mental, emotional or spritiual issues at the root of physical symmptoms and illness

Nutritional Consultation ,Medical intuition ,Integrative Therapies ,Health Coaching ,Health Coaching ,Workshops and Retreats