About Us

The Yukon Wholistic Health Nectwork (YWHN) is a volunteer organization. It was first formed in 1995, then re-established in 2001. To date, the main focus of the YWHN has been to educate, network and advocate wholistic health. We have also organized several events in support of wholistic health.

Between 2001 and 2005, the YWHN developed and hosted an annual Wholistic Health Fair. Each of these fairs was well-attended and differently themed, providing us a great opportunity to partner with other groups in the city. In 2004 and 2005, a partnership with RPAY (Recreation and Parks Association of the Yukon) resulted in 15 seminars with panels of speakers presenting the wide range of health care options available in the Yukon, from more conventional and body-focused, to energy-related and spiritual.

We are fortunate in the Yukon in having a wide selection of knowledgeable and practiced professionals offering wholistic services. By combining our wholistic strengths, we increase our capacity to make a difference in our community. As a collective we can provide support to one another as we grow a more positive consciousness and healing vibration in the world.

In recent years, the YWHN has become less active as members built their businesses and clientele. The current Executive was tasked with developing a new website since members have always realized the value of having an internet presence as a way to network and showcase what the Yukon has to offer in wholistic health care. It is the hope that this new website, and the host of never-ending opportunities available on the internet, will spark new ideas.

The YWHN invites you to become actively involved as a member. We are always looking for volunteers, enthusiasm and a fresh perspective. Everyone is welcome!

2016 Board

Vicki Vanstone, President
Alison Zeidler, Treasurer
Lillian Strauss, Secretary

Contact: ywhn99@yahoo.ca